Showbiz expert Annette de Vries: "Andre, give Rachel another chance..."

Showbiz expert Annette de Vries: “Andre, give Rachel another chance…”

Residents of the De Maricken neighborhood of Wilnis can breathe a sigh of relief. André Hazes doesn’t seem to be their new star neighbor, saving them from Meiland’s pretty terrifying sights. Meanwhile, Rachel licks her wounds…

Andre Hazys had just signed for his new semi-detached home. This idea was sweet and close to his mother. Suddenly pretentious with Rachel, scoop from Yvonne Cauldoyer, who reports that he has cut off all contact with Rachel. With this umbilical cord cut, there is little chance that it will pack the moving boxes.

Well, we are not used to it anymore: every time Andre takes a big, often impulsive step, like buying a house (or proposing to someone), you can be sure that his life takes a completely different turn. For example, he also left his ex Sarah with a hastily bought love nest in Rotterdam. Having stopped at his mother’s house in Midrecht, his successor, Anne Rose Zönnefeld, immediately took to looking for a house. History repeated itself with Sarah II. Now join Monique and his son for a while at his Christmas lit villa in Berkle-in-Roddings.

André has good reason to break up with his mother: he seems to have proof that she is disgusting A letter to Sarah that she leaked to Yvonne. In it, he tries to straighten out his dumping by making Monique’s head smaller—a mill for Rachel’s mill.

It seems to me that we can safely talk about a toxic relationship between mother and son. In his search for himself, Andre appears to be very touched and dependent on Rachel’s acknowledgment and approval. Rachel undoubtedly works from the heart of a good mother. She will not intentionally harm her children, but the question is, does she see her mistakes and shortcomings? In the end, this is the only way to come to terms with her two children and reconnect with them.

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Time will tell if Andre’s wall is temporary or not. In any case, the singer would do well to give his mom another chance…to say sorry! And saying that no matter the consequences for her, she will set him free to live as if it were his first day.

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