Series about conspiracy theorists QAnon on HBO

Series about conspiracy theorists QAnon on HBO

If you get something new Advertising It sounds more like a Hollywood movie than a well-balanced, serious documentary. A new series on QAnon’s conspiracy theorists is coming to HBO. In the United States, experts are very concerned about the tone of the series. Judge for yourself and watch the teaser here.

What exactly is QAnon?

According to Wikipedia, QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory that describes the so-called ‘deep state’ plans targeting former US President Donald Trump and his supporters. The name refers to the nickname ‘Q’, which has been used by various suspected U.S. individuals or groups of individuals on various Internet forums.

HBO’s Series on QAnon

The HBO series ‘Q: INTO THE STORM’ is a six-part documentary that, according to HBO, maps a journey behind the brain. QAnon Unpack.

During three years of global research, the series describes the evolution of ‘Q’ with access to key players.

All six chapters explore QAnon’s influence on American culture. The series also raises the question of the consequences of unrestricted freedom of speech on the Internet.

Anxiety and start of the HBO series

Specialists in the United States Find out “This seems more like a preview for a spy thriller than a careful examination of a broad group of conspiracy theories.”

The series premieres on Sunday, March 21st. It can be screened on HBO and streamed on HBO Max.

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