'Sensual' Emma Hesters: 'It's a party in bed every time' |  stars

‘Sensual’ Emma Hesters: ‘It’s a party in bed every time’ | stars

Hesters says she always wears lingerie sets, “because I can’t stand it when my bra and thong don’t match.” “And it has to be high quality, not cheap, wrinkled satin. I also wear pretty lingerie when I’m not with Wesley in Brussels. I just wear it for myself.”

If she’s with her boyfriend, Hester does his best. “Then he takes off the suspenders. He was not used to it, every time it’s a party in bed. Yes, I may have a neat picture, but Wesley knows better now. Sensuality is what is important to me; it is strong that you dare to be yourself as a woman in The bedroom. Lingerie is an important part of that.”

Sensuality by where are you goingThe singer can also be found in other things. “I was so curious about my boyfriend’s moves. How does he dance? Because a guy who can’t dance probably isn’t good in bed either. Wesley kept looking at my mouth during our first date. He later admitted he wanted to kiss me all night. He’s very fiery, and sometimes we have fights.” Great, but that’s okay. And then it’s so much fun to unpack your bedroom bag with a nice set. For myself and him, because it’s good to keep doing your best in the relationship.”

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