Secret duo team members Dazed by Golden Throat Mike de Boer: “What a sound”

Secret duo team members Dazed by Golden Throat Mike de Boer: “What a sound”

In the fifth episode of “Secret Duets,” team member Lisa Loeb (33) sings a duet with a mysterious duet partner. Although all the committee members know him personally, it takes some time before they realize that Maik de Boer (62) is hiding behind the incognito participant.

“I only know one man who wears shoes like that.”

Singing is definitely not one of Mike’s daily activities, but V.I secret binaries The designer proves that he has a beautiful voice. With Lisa singing “Lay All Your Love On Me” by ABBA. After the first round, in which Mike hides behind a large disco ball, committee member Sui Kron learns the player’s identity. Secret singer guess directly. “Suddenly the penny drops! I know him so well.” On the other hand, there is uncertainty between Holly May Broad and Gerard Goling: “He’s an older guy, I really don’t know yet…”

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With hints – including the program Life4You Of Carlo and Irene, peasant clothes and an orange tie – the painting does not progress any further. When Gerard starts talking about shoes with huge heels, Lisa finally catches up: “Yes! Now I recognize the voice too. I only know one man who wears such shoes.”

However, the other committee members in the next round still have no idea who is behind the ball. And this is while Sui knows from the start that the designer is on the other side of the wall: “Oh, that’s so cute, that’s more fun than sharing from the couch at home.”

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When it turns out that Mike is after the last round, everyone either jumps with surprise or with joy. Lisa and Sway are the only ones who are right in the end. Holly May wrote Question Mark because she didn’t know who Lisa was on stage. It turns out he’s a little awkward after that, because: “Mike used to come over to our house a lot. My mom was a fashion designer with him. How weird I didn’t know that.”

When announcer Jamai Lohmann asked how Mike was doing, he replied, “Guys, I have dry mouth. What did I start over with?” But soon compliments flew around him, including from Holly May: “What a sound, man! I really didn’t know that about you.”

We don’t see the designer do much with clothes on TV anymore and he has good reason for that, as he casually says: ‘I feel like I’m getting too old for that. Last year I had all sorts of other clothes to do nice things like celebrity apprentice And The perfect picture.

secret binaries It can be seen every Thursday at 8:30pm RTL 4.

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