Science in Poetry - Sargasso

Science in Poetry – Sargasso

a call – VWN, de Association of Scientific Press and Communication in the Netherlands Existing 35 years. This fall, the association celebrates it poem contest for writing. Are you lyrical about (something of) science? Close a house and send it in before November 28, 2021.

Jury members Anna Enquist, Ionica Smits, Edward van de Wendel and Marlies ter Voorde “hope to see a large number of original, earnest, poignant and funny scholarly poems”.

The best one hundred and twenty poems will be collected in a new collection of poems for publication. In addition, there are prizes of 100, 150 and 250 euros and a science audiobook package to win.

VWN editors (and especially you, dear readers!) told us:

You, too, can make your own contribution to science. Limerick poem about Einstein, a sonnet about cultural anthropology or a haiku about life in the laboratory; Let your capillary vein flow and join it.

Read it first Regulations for VWN Poetry 2021 For all the rules of the game. Good to know: the deadline is November 28, 2021. Also important: keep your poem(s) to yourself in the coming months, because it is imperative that you do not publish it earlier.

Submit your poems here (separately). Do not forget about the title and possible translation. A maximum of three poems per poet is allowed. Note: This is not a contact form. If you have any questions, ideas or would like to support the project, please contact us at [email protected]

Please also inform your family members, friends, classmates or colleagues that you are or have already participated. join Our Facebook page.

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Hear he says, keep going. We naturally respect VWN’s desire not to disclose entries prematurely. So don’t put what you’re offering here in the comments either. We’ll keep an eye on the sequel and if a Sargasso reader (or editor) wins an award, of course we’ll post it here again.

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