Schmallenberg virus strikes lambs again – New Harvest

Schmallenberg virus strikes lambs again – New Harvest

In addition to bluetongue, Schmallenberg virus also appears to have affected lambs. Reports of mutilated lambs are posted on Facebook, among other things. The GD Royal Animal Health Service reports that several lambs showing symptoms of Schmallenberg virus have been sent for research.

As temperatures rise, mosquitoes and midges are active again. Not only does the fly spread bluetongue, it also spreads Schmallenberg virus. according to Farmers Weekly More malformed lambs were born in the UK in January than in previous years. Royal GD veterinarian Evelyn Dykstra has also heard stories that the disease is on the rise there.

According to Dijkstra, the Royal GD received no more reports than in previous years. Some sheep reject fruit due to Schmallenberg virus. Because this can also be the result of bluetongue, it is not always clear what is causing the rejection. Since there are also other diseases that can lead to deformed lambs, your veterinarian recommends examining deformed lambs.

In 2011, there was a significant increase in the number of animals infected with Schmallenberg virus. Infected animals developed antibodies to the disease. Over time, the number of animals with antibodies decreases and the disease can strike again. Lambs deformed by Schmallenberg virus have also been reported in 2021.

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