SBS6 just shows a crackling fire at Christmas: 'Don't watch TV for a while'

SBS6 just shows a crackling fire at Christmas: ‘Don’t watch TV for a while’

This year, SBS6 will not be airing any TV shows and commercial breaks on Christmas Eve. Instead, between 6:30 pm and 10:30 pm, there will only be a log fire, accompanied by Christmas music from Sky Radio.

With this initiative, the channel wants to inspire people to pay more attention to each other during the festive period.

“Don’t watch shows for a while, but take all the time for family, friends, neighbors, or people who could use some company,” says Marco Lovrenz, director of Talpa owner of SBS6. “Good food, good conversations, a game. It’s each other’s time; then we’ll take care of the fire.”


Last year, SBS6 broadcast on the evening of December 25, among other things frozen Out, a Disney movie from 2013. According to the KijkOnderzoek Foundation, the film attracted 242,000 viewers and did not finish at number 25 that day.

The Louwerens takes into account that there will be less viewership on Christmas Day, when a four-hour crackling fire can now be seen. “Obviously we hope that as many people as possible will watch our shows,” he says. “At the end of the day, that’s how we make a living.” “But we’ll do it differently for once.”

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