Sauna growls: “It almost touches my chest.”

Sauna growls: “It almost touches my chest.”

“The jacuzzi is empty,” she says after a while. “I always wait until there's no one there. Are you coming?” As we sit down, a couple suddenly joins us. They take their seats so we don't have to look at each other. I close my eyes to relax. When I open them again, I see him. The man who briefly grazed my chest walks directly toward us and is in full spotlight. He looks like Roald Dahl. Tall, old, wiry, and big-headed.

“Oh dear, that's it, isn't it? Does he also go in the jacuzzi? Oh no? She's really too young for that,” Lauren murmured. And in a nanosecond I'm thinking about options. You can't escape anymore, he's already at the top of the hot tub.

And then, as he was descending the stairs, I saw the inevitable: an incredibly large ringing. He sinks into the water directly opposite us and sighs. Fortunately, the jacuzzi makes a lot of noise. When I look at Lauren, she says, “Don't laugh…”

“It's time to get out,” I say. Lauren nodded and stood up first. He takes care of her and smiles sweetly. I walk away quietly. While I was in the shower, Lauren grabbed my arm. “Oh my God, what horror, I won’t sleep tonight. Is it just me or do his genitals look like a giant teapot? I have to laugh at the comparison. ‘Don’t be so wise,’ I say.” But I must admit that I rarely I've never seen anything so perverted. I feel stupid and guilty at the same time. It's childish to laugh a little, so I keep my mouth shut.

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When our travel group has breakfast early the next day, the day's program is very filling, and Dave asks if we enjoyed it together at the spa. Only then does the tea pour. Lauren burst out laughing. “Well, it was great, but after last night, I'm completely convinced that swimsuits should be mandatory in all saunas,” she says. She looks at me conspiratorially and the rest don't understand it.

“Mikey,” Dave asks, “Do you want to explain it a different way?” I shake my head. “No don't care.” When I entered, I had already seen Roald Dahl having breakfast with his wife, three tables away. And you know what they say: What happens in the sauna stays in the sauna…

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