Saturday carnival program in Kroekenstad –

Saturday carnival program in Kroekenstad –

Although we actually started the carnival on Friday, the carnival only officially starts on Saturday. There is plenty to do around the city. Are you going to the carnival in Tilburg/Kroekenstad on Saturday 10 February and are you curious about what to do? Then keep reading so you don't miss anything.

Official program

Curious about what events the Carnival Foundation is organizing on Saturday, February 10? We've listed it for you.

Dan Inhaul

D'n Inhaol is the official start of the carnival in Kroekenstad. The prince and his accompanying delegation are brought and the key to the city is handed over. D'n Inhaol is scheduled from 1:11pm to 3:11pm. From the central station the procession heads towards d'n Heuvel. Different from previous years: This year the key will be moved in the City Palace!

Hand shot

When the prince and his entourage arrive at Kroekenstad and receive the key, the Handeshodh begins. You will then have the opportunity to shake hands with the Prince and his entourage and wish each other a happy Carnival. Naturally, pleasant musical accompaniment will be provided. Haandeschudde is shown at d'n Heuvel from 3:11pm to 6:11pm.

More fun parties

Orki Singers

Uurke Sengers have become a household name in Kroekenstad. Usually on a carnival Saturday from 2:11pm, there was a lot of partying for the Sengers on the Heuvelstraat. This year the Uurke Sengers have a new location: Stadhuisplein. Expect a big mad house with a bio or Kachel as host and various guest appearances.

Drunkendaorissen outdoors with Lamme Frans

Dronkedaorissen Outdoor is featured on the program again on Saturday. Enjoy unlimited drinks between 11:30am and 3:30pm during this fun festival on Kruikenplein. Lamy France will perform, among others. Obviously you need tickets for this concert. Everyone can access the Kruikenplein for free from 3:30 p.m.

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Haandewasse nao et Haandeschudde on Piusplein

There is also a party on Piusplein during Haandewasse nao et Haandeschudde. CV De Jassen, DJ DAO, DJ Paul S and other carnival artists will be there.

An afternoon full of nostalgia and so much more during 't Groote Pleinfestijn

There's plenty to do at the Paleisring on Saturday. For example, a nostalgic afternoon is featured in the program with guest performances by many guest artists and associations. In the evening, Tommy D and DJ Dan Geffen take over the scene.

CV De Jassen and many others at Stadhuisstraat

On Saturday, CV De Jassen, CV Dorellies, CV De Raddraoiers, Verrekkes Blauw and De Mannen Van de Stadhuisstraat will take charge. There are DJs, many guest artists and much more.

DJ Stefun and DJ Sebastiaan at Het Feestpaleis

There will be a tent party in front of Feestcafé de Prins and Sportsbar Papa Jim on Saturday from 2pm. Recordings that day will be played by DJ Stefun and DJ Sebastiaan. Want to be there!

DJ Erix, DJ Mats, Joepie Fourtie and DJ Tristan at Korte Heuvel

They start at Korte Heuvel on Saturday morning at 11:11am with DJ Mats, followed by DJ Erix. At 8:00pm Joepie Fourtie will bring you the best beats and the evening will end with DJ Tristan until 1:00am.

Fun parties in bars, clubs and stages

The city's bars, clubs and theaters also organize fun parties. An overview of the concerts scheduled for Saturday, February 10:

Practical information about deposit cups

This year they are also working with deposit cups at Kruikenpubs. This way we keep Kreukenstad clean together and contribute to preserving the environment. How does this work? Check it out below.

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Useful articles

Do you want to get into the carnival mood and are you looking for some useful articles? Let us just give you a hand.

more information

Want more fun tips during the carnival? Then check out our schedule away.

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