Russian TU-95 aircraft flying over the United States

Russian TU-95 aircraft flying over the United States

The Russian Ministry of Defense published a video showing the flight of two Tu-95 aircraft over the Bering Sea. Large bombers approached American airspace.

A video released by the Russian Air Force shows two Russian Air Force long-range bombers conducting a patrol flight over the Bering Sea near the west coast of Alaska. Both TU-95MS The bombers, accompanied by Su-30SM fighter jets, flew close to US airspace for seven hours.

Aviation history

The TU-95 “Bear” is regularly intercepted in European and American airspace. This has been the case for decades. Tupolev began developing the machine as early as 1951. Less than a year and a half later, the first prototype was already flying, and series production began in 1956. The Bear remains an important aircraft for the Russian Air Force. The model resembles the American B-52. Both aircraft have been in service for over fifty years. Both have been updated over the years. This means that machines that are more than half a century old are still able to meet modern technologies. TU-95 has more than fifteen versions in total. The bear is expected to remain in service for a while.

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