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I got a rumor to counter it
The M1 has 4 power cores, 4 performance cores and 8 GPU cores, scores in cinebench 1.498 and a multi-core 7.760
If the M1x has 2 power cores and 8 performance cores (and 16 GPU Cores), then in a single-core cinebench it will get 1,498 and 12868 if the scaling is 100% efficient, with 90% effective scaling 11,581 and 80% Effective scale 10,294
This is the same clock speed as the M1.
The M1 in this actively cooled configuration has a TDP of 13W, then the M1x reaches a maximum of 26W with dual performance cores and a GPU. This will be lower, because 26W assumes all parts are doubled, including NPU, DSP, memory, etc. So 22-24W is more realistic
Geekbench scored 90% effective with a 12,575 multi-core (comparable to an Intel Core i9-7940X, which can withstand even very hot weather) and a metal score of 38,880 (which is roughly equivalent to an AMD Radeon HD 5700X)

But hey, this is also a ‘rumour’.

M1x Scored 14975 Cinebench Multicore
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X scoort 28.641 Cinebench Multicore…nebench_r23_multi_core-16

(M1 Geekbench 15.120)

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