Ruby was successful in the first surgery in the United States, the second surgery should still be |  ICourt News

Ruby was successful in the first surgery in the United States, the second surgery should still be | ICourt News

An interesting step has now been taken in Ruby’s health condition from Amsterdam-East: he underwent his first surgery in the United States and was successful! Dr. Henderson, the neurosurgeon who operated on her, talks about a perfect combination.

Ruby’s body naturally produces very little connective tissue, so her cervical spine was not in the right place and could not support her head. Also, her cervical spines are small and thin. As a result, the upper cervical vertebrae contract, resulting in contraction of the cerebral cortex and jugular vein. The cervical spines are supported and secured during the first operation with special screws. This is called a fusion, as a result of which the vertebrae no longer move away from each other and the contraction is removed.

Ruby is only 26 years old and has been seriously ill for more than 12 years. That was half of her young life! Ruby and her mother’s life has turned upside down for more than 12 years. His rare genetic disorders, ignorance of doctors, schools and other institutions have devastated them physically, emotionally, socially and financially in recent years.

With this successful process, the first step towards a better life has finally been taken! The second operation involves loosening the spine, which is attached to the lower spine. If the complaints in the lower back under Ruby worsen in the coming weeks, a second surgery should be performed. Unfortunately, the total amount required for this has not yet been reached. Now almost 3 183,000 are available, but in total, 200,000 are needed. We hope that amount will be reached in a few weeks.

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Ruby’s mother says: “There are still about 17,000 missing, and we hope this amount will be available soon. It will save us a lot of anxiety and stress. We have enough money for travel, accommodation, extra choices and the first operation, but unfortunately not yet the second. Ruby’s health needs to improve as a result of both surgeries. “

Ruby and her mother have been living in the United States for some time. His mother continues: “Help Ruby get her life back. She has been surviving for a very long time. Together we must succeed! ”.

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