Ruben Martins on unexpected exit from GST: 'It was great there'

Ruben Martins on unexpected exit from GST: ‘It was great there’

As Ricky DeYoung, daughter of Rick DeYoung and Anita Dendermond, Robin debuted in 2010. “I never expected to get the role, because I was still in acting training and just wanted to finish it,” says the mom who will appear in the video. “But then I got a call and was crying with joy.”

Ricky turned out to be such a popular character that Robin quickly joined the regular cast happy times will be added. In the end, she remained a resident of Merdec for eight years. The acting course I talked about earlier, she never completed. “Actually, I was only going to stay at first for six months,” she laughs. “Then I can also merge it with the school. That was the intention to complete the school. But then I was allowed to stay and could no longer be merged and your story also became bigger (…) I am very happy with that stay, I had a great time.”

But then suddenly Ricky came out because the role, according to the filmmakers, “adds nothing more” to the series. “It was really a surprise to me,” Robin says frankly. “It wasn’t what I thought: I’d do it for another twenty years, I didn’t suppose. But I was still very comfortable there, it’s one big family. (…) I really had to let that sink in for a while.”

“Looking back,” she continues, “it was pretty good to be out, even back then.” “I was already exhausted at that point.” at Good times, summer times Robin has talked about this burnout before:

Robin also talked about the incident with the police officer in the videothat changed her career. She cries, “When I see someone being abused, I’m a person standing up for someone. I wanted to prove my innocence and resist everything, but I was advised not to.” “I regret it because in the end I lost a lot. If I had known I had lost everything in terms of work and contracts, I would have definitely resisted.”

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