On October 19, ROQ ‘N Rolla Music and Bad Manor Records will once again stage a naming night during their Amsterdam dance event. Program includes performances by Snelle, Jebroer, Digitzz, Tally and DJ sets by Lady Bee and Jay Psar

The ROQ ‘N Rolla & Bad Manor ADE launch will take place on October 19 at Club Panama. Ticket sales have started.

“It is so nice to finally be able to unpack again. We have had tremendous growth over the past two years with ROQ ‘N Rolla and all of its sub-brands, and I am very proud to be able to showcase this at ADE,” said founder and owner Babek Arjang Far ).

On naming night, a collaboration was entered into with the Bolt taxi app. This allows visitors to fly at a discount to Club Panama just outside the center of Amsterdam.

ROQ ‘N Rolla Music represents artists such as Jebroer, Snelle, Piet Junior and Tally in the Benelux, UK and Germany. ROQ ‘N Rolla Music includes sub-labels BAD MANOR Records, Nouveau Riche Music, and Lieve Jongens. ROQ ‘N Rolla and BAD MANOR ADE’ is powered by Devil Shot and Bolt.