Root von Munster (DA) about benefiting from the Corona

Root von Munster (DA) about benefiting from the Corona

The drugstore chain DA is profiting from the corona crisis, but can DA continue to run at full speed after the outbreak? Root von Munster, director of the Dutch Pharmacy Service (DA), is a guest at PNR Sacondoyan.

Root von Munster (DA) about benefiting from the Corona

Keys de Court

Every day, after midnight, presenter Thomas von Gigel discusses economic issues with macroeconomist and commentator Keys de Court.

Investor Group

The AEX rose above 700 points for the first time since the 2000 bubble. Also: Major apparel brands like H&M and Adidas are on fire in China. We discuss this and more in the Investor Group:

-Lodwig van der Kraft, partner in investment firm Comest

-Coyan Bender, Mercury Property Managing Director

-Simon Van Wein, Financial Manager, Fixed Dividend Value Fund

Waste fund packaging

The Netherlands is a leader in Europe when it comes to recycling waste, but of course there is always room for improvement. Of course in the plastics industry, there is still a lot more to recycle plastic than we do now. Guest is Hester Klein Lancast, Director General of the Packaging Waste Fund.

Doing business across borders

According to export trends, Dutch exporters expect to do more business with Canada and the United States this year. Business week will take place next week in North America. It is time to see what we can expect from trade with North America. Guest: Esther Johnson, Founder of Culture-Inc. And author of the book Doing Business From Here to Tokyo.

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Also: Virtual trade work from the Netherlands to the United Arab Emirates has started today. Guest Dutch Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates: Lodi Empresses.

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