Robot learns to hug by observing people |  Sciences

Robot learns to hug by observing people | Sciences

Scientists have developed a new robot that can display nonverbal social behaviour. The robot learns by observing people. For example, they can hug or shake hands. who appears from Research From the Electronics and Communications Research Institute (ETRI) in Korea.

Robots can independently learn social behavior by observing interactions between people. This is possible because a special artificial neural network has been created. This network was trained with a dataset containing information from 5,000 human interactions in ten different scenarios.

This dataset was used to train robots with more than 110,000 short videos of people performing specific nonverbal social behaviours. The robots can do at least five non-verbal behaviors, namely bowing, staring, shaking hands, hugging, and hiding their faces.

Wat is deep learning?

Een techniek die computers in staat stelt om nieuwe dingen te leren van grote hoeveelheden informatie. Voorbeelden zijn vertaalprogramma’s of gezichtsherkenningssoftware.

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