Robin fled his home after a volcano erupted in Iceland: 'You see the village slowly burning'

Robin fled his home after a volcano erupted in Iceland: 'You see the village slowly burning'

“About two months ago, on November 10, we left the village,” Robin says. That was with the rest of Grindavik's 4,000 residents at the time, because it was flowing underground. There were fears of a volcanic eruption, which did not happen at that time. Some residents then returned, but not Robin and his girlfriend. “We've been staying at a friend's house for about two months, in a town just below Reykjavik.”

Houses burned

The explosion happened a month later, then another, on the night of Saturday to Sunday. According to Robin, there is significant damage in the village. Due to the lava flow, electricity was also cut off, as was water. “The village is completely closed now. We cannot go to our house to see the extent of the damage or how the house is now.”

To follow the situation around his home, he follows the village's live broadcast on an Icelandic TV channel. “We've been watching all day yesterday and today. You see houses slowly burning, even houses of people you know well. Our house is a few hundred meters away from the rift. We really have to wait and see in which direction the lava will shoot. Flow.”

See photos of the situation in Iceland here:

At the moment, Robin and his girlfriend are staying at a friend's house, but tonight they will return to the Netherlands. “My wife is pregnant and we want to be in a quiet place where she can give birth. Normally she would have stayed in Iceland during the birth, but we want the certainty of a home where you are safe.”

Ultimately, the family wants to return to Grindavik. “You don't know when you can return and whether you can still return to the village. Whether your home is still there. It is a very special and strange time.”

The second volcanic eruption in a month

The volcanic eruption in southwest Iceland appears to be waning in intensity again today. This was the second time in about a month that the volcano had erupted. Protective walls were built outside the village and managed to divert some of the lava in Grindavík. However, yesterday the lava reached the edge of the village and has already burned some houses.

The volcanic surface of Reykjanes, the peninsula south of Reykjavik where Sundhnok and Grindavík are located, has been very active in recent years. This is already the fifth eruption in the region since 2021.

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