Robert Doornbos and Chantal Blaze were kidnapped on a private flight

Robert Doornbos and Chantal Blaze were kidnapped on a private flight

“A week ago we had a surprise for a love weekend in Marrakech,” Chantal wrote, along with the footage of her kissing her husband and smiling at the camera with her sister and friends. We will remember for a very long time. These memories will stay with us forever.”

Earlier this week, Chantal shared photos of a road trip and fun night out on the town in Morocco, which the couple clearly celebrated. Our friends kidnapped him for 48 magical hours. Wow, how blessed we are!

The couple sparkles again after several setbacks. The two were engaged for ten years before they tied the knot. They postponed the wedding because their daughter, Jada, became very ill. In 2018, she was diagnosed with a tumor in her kidney. After a very difficult time, Jada was declared cancer-free in February 2019.

A month before their wedding, Robert was brutally assaulted. The former Formula 1 driver was the victim of a violent street robbery in which his valuable watch and phone were stolen. Robert and Chantal tied the knot on the 15th of April 2023 in Amsterdam. Then the wedding continued to be celebrated in Italy. RTL Boulevard witnessed the emotional day:

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