Responsible IT leads India's leadership of the G20

Responsible IT leads India’s leadership of the G20

Chandrasekhar’s appeal carries additional weight because India will take over the presidency of both the GPAI and the G20 in 2023. Register He points out that in a ministerial statement at the end of the conference, the GPIA summit participants agreed with the idea put forward by Chandrasekhar. One of the points in the declaration signed by ministers states that the organization wants to oppose the illegal and irresponsible use of artificial intelligence and other technologies that are not in line with our shared values. The group is also calling for better coordination between governments and the multi-stakeholder community for AI.

An open source digital governance framework

India also wants to draw attention to its digital governance model during the G20 Presidency, which is based on an open source infrastructure through which the government has digitized its own government services. India hopes other countries will do the same India stack and adopting the associated governance model. According to the government, it has greatly improved interaction between citizens and governments and replaced inefficient and potentially corrupt bureaucratic processes.

The Netherlands is also represented in the G20 through the European Union, but it is not an individual member, while our economy is the 18th largest economy. In addition to the European Union, the G20 consists of the Group of Eight and the eleven largest economies that are not in the European Union. The G8 consists of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, the United States and Russia. Thus, a number of EU member states are represented twice in the G20.

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