Bewoners Wanica ontvangen grondpapieren

Residents of Wanica receive Earth Leaves – Waterkant

Residents of Wanica district received their land documents on Friday, August 27, 2021. This happened at the South East Commission, where the papers were received from President Chandrikapersad Santokhi, Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk, Speaker Marinus Bee, Minister Dinotha Vorswijk for Land Policy and Forest Management (GBB) and Director of the GBB Meredith Vitoli. Through this matter, the Ministry is working to bridge the gap in issuing land papers.

“As a minister, I try to arrange everything as quickly as possible and fulfill my obligations,” Minister Fursvik said. Residents of Wanika have been waiting for their decision for a long time. The minister points out that there are piles of applications in the ministry. Every request is taken seriously and handled. The backlog cannot be compensated at once, but a start has been made. Minister Fursvik asks the community not to be disappointed. It guarantees everyone’s help as long as legal requirements are met.

President Santoje welcomed the role of his region. As a resident of Wanica, he also encountered land issues himself and had to wait over 10 years before he had his primary papers in hand. The head of state wants to make that long wait a thing of the past with an automated system. A website will be launched soon for more transparency. The government is working hard to provide every Surinamese with a plot of land. “Owning a plot of land means security in life.” President Santojí hoped that this would enable development in various sectors such as culture, agriculture and livestock.

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Minister Vorswijk asked the citizens of Wanica to put their affairs in order within six months. “Go to the MI-Glis office to deal with your administrative matters. If you fail to do so, there is a good chance that you will lose your decision,” said the minister.

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