Republican McCarthy will not get a majority in the vote to lead the House of Representatives | abroad

Republican Kevin McCarthy failed to win a majority on the first two ballots for speaker of the US House of Representatives. So many votes must be taken before there is a new president.

McCarthy needed 218 votes to become president and succeed Democrat Nancy Pelosi, but he only got 203 votes on the first two ballots.

It is the first time in a hundred years that the House of Representatives, the American equivalent of the House of Representatives, needs multiple votes to elect a new president. Most of the time, the outcome is roughly predetermined.

There will be another vote tomorrow, which could theoretically result in a new successor. If not, there will be another vote. As a result, it could be days before there is a new boss.

Republicans won a majority in the House of Representatives in November, but some Republicans believe the 57-year-old McCarthy from California is an old politician and should give way to a more outspoken candidate.

Work in the House of Representatives was completely suspended until a new president was elected. This meant, among other things, that no new laws could be introduced.

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