Remy: “I think we should separate religion from celebration.”

Remy: “I think we should separate religion from celebration.”

“I think we should separate religion from celebration. We should uphold values ​​and standards during religious holidays,” says Apostle Stephen Remy of Logos International, who is also president of the political party A20.

On Pakana Toure, he responded to the incident that occurred during a large Holi Fagua event in Independence Square in Suriname, where ladies from the audience were taken to dance on stage.

However, the last lady appeared to be very drunk and began dancing obscenely on the stage, with her skirt rising and her underwear showing, among other things, while shaking her buttocks.

The cleric is completely disapproving of something like this happening on a day that has religious significance for Hindus. According to him, based on the importance of this day, President Chan Santokhi should not have even issued a permit to hold such an event at Independence Square.

“If we had a regular Independence Party or something, and they called it for example 'The Gentleman', everyone would know what to expect. But not on a religious day. Just the way we celebrate Easter. All the churches celebrate Easter. Then President Sa Miki Fu Kar Joke So Wan Sunny Press Easter. Then we can marry a man and live together. So you can't do that. You have to know where the line is. “I live in the church, but I think I have beliefs,” Remy says. “Religious.”

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