Reception of the Belarusian opposition leader at the White House: 'Support moral commitment'

Reception of the Belarusian opposition leader at the White House: ‘Support moral commitment’

US President Biden expressed his support for the pro-democracy movement in that country during a meeting with Belarusian opposition leader Tikanovskaya. Tikhanovskaya was received at the White House, something that is usually reserved for heads of state and government.

Biden said after the meeting that the United States stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of Belarus, where dictator Lukashenko has been in power for 27 years.

Tichanovskaya, who previously spoke with Secretary of State Blinken and National Security Adviser in Washington, said afterward that she had requested Biden’s support. The 38-year-old Tikanovskaya said the United States was “morally obligated” to help the Belarusian people. It is not clear what exactly Biden promised.

The election result is incredible

In August last year, a presidential election was held in Belarus, where the opposition managed to achieve a serious grip for the first time, despite strong opposition this time as well. Many opponents were imprisoned before the elections. Tikanovskaya, partner of one of the arrested opposition leaders, eventually presented himself as one of the opponents and was surprised by a disguised campaign.

According to the official results released by the authorities, Lukashenko again this time won with a large majority, but the opposition and even supporters of the president called the result. unbelievable. Unprecedented mass protests broke out in the country, they were brutally suppressed; Thousands of Belarusians ended up in prison.


The European Union and the United States sided with the Belarusian opposition and imposed sanctions on Lukashenko’s government. This happened, among other things, after Belarus landed a passenger plane on its way from Greece to Lithuania in Minsk, and then took an opponent off the plane.

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Tikanovskaya emigrated to Lithuania and is trying to increase pressure on Lukashenko with international help. It finally wants new elections supervised by international observers. Lukashenko still has the critical support of his big neighbor Russia.

Earlier this year, Newsor spoke with relatives of detainees in Belarus. The pictures and stories are harrowing and give an insight into what is happening in state prisons:

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