Queen Maxima in a San Francisco King's Day dress

Queen Maxima in a San Francisco King’s Day dress

From a bilateral visit to a solo trip, Queen Maxima is no longer a stranger to her. Tonight has arrived in warm California, where she will be making all kinds of fun visits in the days ahead.

To get off to a good start today is in Castro, a popular gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex neighborhood. As they are all prepared for her arrival without the King. Queen of queens.

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They were looking forward to it there in Castro.

Immediately, Máxima spoke with people committed to equal rights for the LGBTI+ community. For this occasion, she wore a beautiful pink dress that we remember well. This year it was the King’s Day dress from NATAN.

Now I just hope so infamously windy San Francisco did not cause a second closing moment.

Economic relations between the Netherlands and California (and Texas, where Maxima is expected to take place on Thursday and Friday), dominate the flight, which Maxima will actually be doing with Willem Alexander, economic relations between the Netherlands and California (and Texas). Companies are also introduced to explore possible collaborations.

Concretely, after a colorful visit to Castro, today that means a series of meetings at the Salesforce Tower, a seminar, a meeting with several CEOs, and a speech tonight during a city hall reception.

But in the coming days, there’s plenty to see from Maxima in the US. For example, you visit Google and also stop at the Golden Gate Bridge. You can see it all, of course, here on Nouveau.nl.

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