Proposal for a sports café at StamCafé

Proposal for a sports café at StamCafé

Dear Editors,

Especially now, when not much is happening and I have the feeling
that you’re trying to populate the blog with some “sealers” over the weekend,
I have a suggestion.

I can imagine I’m not the first to come up with this.

Especially over the weekend, but also during the week because of the World Cup (or other
Sporting events like the Tour de France), I think there are a few
Commenters (including me) who put
Sports eggs can’t be thrown away.

Would it be an idea to have a sports cafe theme in the early afternoon
To open? Reactors who have their comments on other topics can go here
Boxes are omitted because they are clearly not relevant to the topic.

I myself now deviate from such matters to other forums (and those
There are many) but that does not mean interacting with it
Genestel’s Corps of Reactants; People I call under my current nick name
Since 2008, but under other pseudonyms long before that. on it
I also find quite a few participants who usually visit the forums
There is no style to be active.

I understand that you as editors are somewhat losing control, however
On the other hand, you commit (existing) respondents more to your product.

Maybe a test on a weekday isn’t a weekday (ha!) at all
That’s a bad idea.

Best regards and nice continuation.

Postscript editorial 1: In a mailbox full of spam and threats to kill and never do it again, this was a gem of plausibility, so we’re tossing it in the collection. The editor is known to the editors. We will hear it!
Postscript editorial 2: There is now sport on TV, so you can comment on it too.

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MuziekCafe when?

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