Project Owner |  Transit Podcast: Los Angeles, City of Show and Sports

Project Owner | Transit Podcast: Los Angeles, City of Show and Sports


Whoever calls Los Angeles thinks of Hollywood. Mecca showbiz, movies and media. But the city has developed in many other areas. There is a lot of money in sports, and Dutch entrepreneurs see it too. In the second episode of the podcast Crossing: Pacific Ocean Do you hear entrepreneurs who have expanded their business to Los Angeles, or who are planning to.

You hear Wannahaves founder Danny Courtenryd, who founded Venturerock sports investment fund there and is collaborating with big sports names, including from the NBA. But also the Netherlands’ greatest film icon: Karel Stroecken. You may not know his name, but his roles as Lurch do Addams familyor giant to Twin Peaks probably. He moved to Los Angeles decades ago to work behind the scenes, but his eye-catching looks soon made him shine in front of the camera.

Danny Courtenryd

Cortenraede also ended up in a different sector than originally thought. Develops in the media as host on Unicorn Hunterson national television. Los Angeles is a city of surprises. It was also evident when podcaster Koos Tervooren spoke to Stephan van den Brink of Manus. With his own “smart glove company” from Eindhoven, he now works for NASA, after only one visit to the US West Coast.

De Oversteek is a podcast about doing business in America. In previous seasons you’ve heard all about sales, cultural differences, liability, insurance and banking. The second season was about doing business in the southern United States and in the third season you will hear all about doing business Pacific.

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