Prime Minister Roth’s speech in response to the Cabinet’s response to past slavery | news item

news item | 12-14-2022 | 5:39 p.m

Prime Minister Rutte will deliver a speech at the National Archives in The Hague on Monday 19 December 2022 in response to the government’s response to the Chains of the Past report of the Past Slavery Dialogue Advisory Board.

The Prime Minister speaks in the presence of those concerned who spoke to the Cabinet in the period preceding the presentation of the Cabinet’s response, members of the dialogue group and representatives of the Kingdom and Suriname.

Also present at the meeting were Deputy Prime Ministers Hoekstra, Kaag and Schotten, Minister Bruins Sloat (Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations) and Minister Dickgraf (Education, Culture and Science). Following the Prime Minister’s speech, this will be followed by a private meeting at the National Archives in which Cabinet members will discuss informally with guests.

In Suriname and the six islands in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, after Prime Minister Rutte’s speech, the following Cabinet members will discuss the Cabinet’s response and its significance on the site with those present:

  • Minister Van Gennep (Social Affairs and Employment): Bonaire
  • Minister Kuipers (Public Health, Welfare and Sport): Sint Maarten
  • Minister Werwind (Legal Protection): Suriname
  • Minister of State Van der Burgh (Justice and Security): Aruba
  • State Secretary Van Hoeflin (Kingdom Relations and Digitization): Curaçao
  • Minister of State Van Ogen (Public Health, Welfare and Sport): Saba
  • Secretary of State van Rij (Department of Excise and Excise): St. Eustatius
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