Presentation for Schools – Ghent University

Presentation for Schools – Ghent University

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Vocational education from primary or secondary education? we Telling you every two months of our inspiring show and science stories. The latest hot news from the press about what is happening at Ghent University in the field of education and research.

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Educational presentation: lab visit, workshop, lecture…

Introduce elementary or high school students to university, and discover how behind every subject matter lies a vibrant, ever-evolving scientific discipline. Take advantage of it Educational materials or continue Workshops that Making scientific research tangible. Visit a real one with your class Lab from Ghent University. Enrich your curriculum and inspire your students.

Watch the educational presentation for students

Visit GUM and the Botanical GardenGhent University Schools - GUM

Visit the GUM (Ghent University Museum) and the Botanical Garden with your class Interactive tours and workshops About scientific thinking and the way you do science. Whether you want to follow a guide or prefer to explore on your own with your students, we make sure you have enough luggage to prepare for your visit.

Discover GUM for educators

Bring research into your classroom

UGent for Schools - SearchParticipate in the search

Counting birds, mapping bike safety at your school, reading data from your school’s weather station,… Everyone can participate in a citizen science project. Also in ch. Pupils collect or analyze data and researchers take it through the entire research story: from the research question to the outcome.

Discover our science projects for citizens

UGent for Schools - Dare to ThinkStories about science and research

Are you looking for inspiration for your lessons? Or interesting articles to bring science closer to your students? Read stories from Ghent University staff about education, research and social impact. Get inspired by the online magazine “Durf Denken”.


Refresher courses for teachersGhent University Schools - Nova Academy

As a teacher, you learn every day. Ghent University offers lectures, workshops, training courses and refresher courses. In other words, lifelong learning, so that teachers are stronger in front of the class.

Quality of teacher trainingUGent for Schools - Master of Education

Do you know someone who wants to become a teacher? We train your future colleagues with our educational master’s courses. In this way, Ghent University wants to contribute to addressing the growing shortage of teachers.

UGent for Schools - study choiceGuidance in choosing studies from secondary to higher education

How do you choose a study program at the university? The transition to higher education is a leap in the dark for many young people. As a school, you play an important role in the study selection process for your students.

The Study Advice Department offers many initiatives to guide your students in this.

Ask Simon

SIMON is an online study selection tool that provides prospective students with immediate feedback on academic and professional study programs that match their interests and skills.

more information

Designed for your school

We offer a tailor-made program at your school or at Ghent University. We are happy to look at the possibilities together:

  • Information for students, parents and teachers about the choice of study, the structure of higher education, credits and the learning account …
  • Round table or panel discussion with student role models
  • Class visit to the information center with courses from 1H General for all undergraduate programmes

Contact the Study Advice Department

Presentation of honors for high school studentsUGent for Schools - Honors Presentation

Is there an enthusiastic and talented student in your class who – in addition to the curriculum in secondary education – has the opportunity to take one or more courses from the first year of the undergraduate program at Ghent University? Then an honors offer is an interesting option.

More on the honor show

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