Police in the United States break up a poor deformed woman and laugh about it

Police in the United States break up a poor deformed woman and laugh about it

Police officers from the US state of Colorado are being taken to court. Pictures show a 73-year-old woman violently arrested with dementia and breaking her arm. Then, the officers look at the pictures and laugh. The family files a lawsuit.

Karen Corner, 73, bought some cans of soda and soap in June 2020 and left the store without paying for them. He forgot to pay 38 13.38. Two officers receive a report of shoplifting, which can soon be seen on the roadside as Corner picks flowers.

Cop breaks the deformed woman’s arm

One of the police officers starts the conversation, but the woman says, “I’m going home” and walks away. The policeman, no doubt, puts the violently trapped woman on the ground and turns her hand behind her back. The woman’s arm may have been broken and her shoulder displaced during the operation.

The woman is constantly struggling, probably trying to kick the guard as well. “We were in trouble for a minute,” the officer says, while at the same time repeating that the woman was going home. When she gets in the car, she tries to run again. That’s why her legs are also tied.


Once at the police station, the woman was reportedly kept in a cell for six hours without receiving medical treatment. “It’s torture,” said one family lawyer. The bitter thing is that the officers in the hallway admire themselves when they see the pictures. They laugh about it, give each other a box and think it’s ‘big’.

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The cops look at the pictures and laugh

“Did you hear the ‘toy’?” Asks an officer. “I pushed, pushed, pushed, until it said ‘pop’,” the officer said, referring to the shoulder displacement. While watching the footage, he asked a male colleague, “Are you ready for the toy?” The arrested female colleague cannot see the footage, while the person who arrested the female calls it “adult”.

According to the family, the woman’s old age has worsened. He takes medication for anxiety and does not communicate. That is why a lawsuit has been filed. One of the officers is on compulsory leave and the others are no longer allowed to go on the street.

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