Pocketpair wants to bring Palworld to multiple platforms

Pocketpair wants to bring Palworld to multiple platforms

For now, developer Pocketpair's hit Palworld is only available on Xbox and PC. The studio announced that it is in discussions to bring the game to other platforms. It is not known at this time what these additional platforms are.

Palworld launched in January via Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. In the first month after release, the game was sold more than 25 million times digitally. Pocketpair now has CEO and game director Takuro Mizobe Bloomberg He said he is negotiating to bring the game to more platforms.

Interestingly, Mizobe did not specifically reveal whether the game will be coming to PlayStation, Nintendo, or mobile. Since PlayStation has shown interest in the game previously, we're betting that the PS5 is the platform of choice.

Mizobe also announced that the studio is interested in possible collaborations with publishers or even an acquisition. Nice details: Discussions for an acquisition by Microsoft are not yet underway.

According to PocketPair, Palworld's development cost approximately $6.7 million. Although the game has already collected tens of millions of dollars. Despite huge profit margins, Pocketpair wants to remain a small studio. Mizobi ​​admitted that he wanted to do several smaller titles. After all, Pocketpair has no ambition to move into AAA games.

The CEO has admitted that there will always be multiplayer available. For example, he believes that games are “more fun to play with friends.” After all, he doesn't think playing without multiplayer is right in the era we live in.

Do you see Palworld on PlayStation 5 or even Nintendo Switch?

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