Play blog live: 2 gold medals for Belgium with Red Lions and Nafi Thiam - other sports

Play blog live: 2 gold medals for Belgium with Red Lions and Nafi Thiam – other sports

Defending champion Navi Thiam took the lead in the women’s heptathlon from Dutchman Anouk Vetter on Thursday with a javelin throw victory. With only the last 800m in the program, Nur Wiedets slipped from third to fifth in the eighteenth javelin throw, but she still dreams of a medal.

Thiam had to compete in the javelin in Group A and scored more than a good second throw of 54m68 (PR: 59m32), which she also won in Group A and put Vetter under pressure. The Dutch had virtually lost the pole position and had to wait more than an hour before starting Group B. Vetter had only made a throw of 51m and 20min and lost her leading position.

Thiam has 5,912 points, 64 more than Vitter. American Kendall Williams (5642) came in third, while Emma Ostrogel of the Netherlands came in fourth with 5,641 points. Wiedets follows after a new personal best of 41m 80 in fifth with 5,592 points and still on the medal circuit. De Vilvoordse is fast and based on a personal best results comparison, it’s entirely possible that she can still make up the gap between Oosterwegel and Williams on the dual track tour.

Meanwhile, Vidts recorded four PRs in six parts. Last winter the surprise of the European Indoor Championships in Torun, Poland, when she won the silver medal after a string of personal best results, was behind the inaccessible Thiam.

Meanwhile, Thiam is sitting on a seat in Tokyo, because while the 800m is her least powerful part of it all, the reigning Olympic champion is faster than Vetter on paper. So it seems to be going well for Thiam, who finished the first day of competition in third place on Wednesday and then admitted she was somewhat below expectations, possibly due to the heat in the Japanese capital. Thiam totaled 3,921 points on opening day, 64 down from the 3,985 points she collected five years ago after opening day in Rio de Janeiro, which gave her second place in the standings. gold.

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In the heptathlon in Gotzes, Austria in 2017, where she set her own personal and Belgian record of 7,013 points, she collected 4,056 points on day one. In the Battle of Gold, Thiam saw Katharina Johnson-Thompson withdraw from school. The Brits fell through the 200m with a new Achilles tendon injury so they didn’t score any points in that segment. Meanwhile, I gave up.

On Thursday, Thiam put things in order after his victories in the long jump and javelin throw. After all, with a 6m60 jump, Nafie Thiam was only four points close to Witter in Thursday’s opening test, passing the Dutch in the javelin.

The Sabai Sebaa concluded on Thursday evening with the dual track course. At around 9:30 p.m. JST (2.30 p.m. in Belgium), Thiam knows if she can write a second Olympic title on her honor roll five years after Rio. Yet she was writing the history of the sport, because no Belgian had ever been able to extend his Olympic title. Her honor list also includes a world title (London 2017), a European title (Berlin 2018) and two European indoor titles (Belgrade 2017 and Torun 2021). (Belgium)

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