Plans to dismantle the flag hurt the minister

Plans to dismantle the flag hurt the minister

“I realize this may be the last time I can talk about science here in plenary,” outgoing Minister Robert Dijkgraaf said yesterday in the House of Representatives during a short debate on cognitive security in science.

According to him, the Netherlands is at the forefront of research and science, partly due to additional investments. It is believed that the outside looks at her with envy. But the PVV, VVD, NSC and BBB will make significant cuts to higher education and scientific research.


Dijkgraaf: “I have to say it pains me that plans are now being made to reverse many of those investments.”

As an example, he cited “sector plans” worth €225 million per year, whereby universities jointly plan a course of study in various disciplines. The minister said this led to the creation of nearly 1,200 new positions for young researchers. We did it together. The Netherlands often distinguishes itself internationally because we do things in cooperation, not in competition.

He says the reduction plans make him “a little sad.” “I kind of feel like we’re at the front of the pack and now we’re hitting the brakes.”

First comment

This is Dijkgraaf’s first response to the tough cuts announced in the mainline agreement for PVV, VVD, NSC and BBB. Another example of this, which the Minister did not mention, is the Research and Science Fund. This would spend five billion euros over ten years, but would have to give up €1.1 billion.

The four parties will also adjust the Digigraph’s course on other points. For example, they want to save about 280 million euros by reducing the number of foreign students.

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Another point: To ease the pressure on students, Dijkgraaf wanted to amend the binding study advice. This won’t happen again either. The pressure actually increases with the arrival of the fine for delaying studies: anyone who delays their studies for more than a year will pay an additional tuition fee of three thousand euros.

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