Peter van Vollenhoven’s Emotional Birthday Anniversary Soldier of Orange: The Best Birthday of All Those Years | Displays

Peter van Vollenhoven’s birthday was one of the guests of honor on Sunday afternoon at the 12.5th anniversary of the musical Soldat van Oranje. Van Vollenhoven celebrated his 84th birthday by visiting the private show, accompanied by his wife, Princess Margrethe, his younger children, Prince Peter Christian and Prince Floris, and their wives, Princesses Anita and Emme.

‘I thought it was a pleasure to see,’ said Van Vollenhoven, who always had to share his birthday until his coronation exactly 10 years ago with the Queen’s Day celebration, after the performance. “For me it was the best Christmas in all those years. Very emotional. Not only because of the story, but also because of all the old cast members from the last 12.5 years who suddenly stood up.”

Van Vollenhoven points out a special tribute at the end of Show 3244, which celebrated the musical’s 12.5th anniversary. In the auditorium, more and more actors who played in the past stood up to sing along to the closing song. Dozens of actors descended the stairs to the sides of the stage at the former Valkenburg Air Base (South Holland). They include Anne Will Blankers, Hugo Bruins, Henriette Toll, Denise Wilkins and Christine de Boer.

For van Vollenhoven, it was the third time that Soldat had visited van Oranje. , I think this time was a little different from the previous times, but now this is contradictory. So there’s a lot of discussion going around about that.”

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