People who are already vaccinated are more often infected with Covid virus in South Africa than people who are not vaccinated - De Daily Standaard

People who are already vaccinated are more often infected with Covid virus in South Africa than people who are not vaccinated – De Daily Standaard

The South African alternative to the new coronavirus from China appears to have a greater impact on people who are vaccinated than people who are not immunized. This is what a new study from Tel Aviv University and the largest health insurance company in Israel has shown.

A new Israeli study appears to show that the South African halo variant is less affected by the vaccine than most other variants. Academic work Posted on Saturday, And has yet to undergo a peer review process. The participants studied 400 individuals who had tested positive for the coronavirus, even though they had already received at least one dose of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. Next, the researchers compared the prevalence of the South African variant B.1.351 under Vaccinate With the substitute being among people who have not yet been injected.

“We found a disproportionately higher percentage of the South African variant among the vaccinated people With a second doseCompared to people who were not vaccinated at all, ” Uday Stern of Tel Aviv University said. This means that the South African version is able, at least to some extent, to penetrate vaccine protection.

Not only is the variant able to penetrate the Pfizer vaccine, but it also appears to be uniquely able to target people who have been vaccinated with a higher degree, compared to those who have not been vaccinated – 5.4% versus 0.7%.

These findings, Stern says, came as a huge shock to him and the other researchers: “Based on patterns from the general population, we expected to find one case of the South African type, but we found eight,” So Stern in The Times of Israel. “It must be clear that this result definitely did not make me happy.”

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The South African alternative is still very rare in Israel. According to official figures, this variant is only implicated in 1% of infections. “Even if the South African alternative breaks down vaccine protection, this alternative is not widespread in the population,” said Stern.

Clalit’s research director, Ran Palser, says that while the study has not yet undergone a peer review process, the study is extremely important because it is “the first study in the world to use real-world data.”

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Josidore says. You almost think we will soon have to mass vaccinate (with a new vaccine, of course) against these kinds of variants. Beautifully prick it, whenever possible, every year. Nice with that!

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