Patti Brad is happy with her sister’s community service: ‘I think she should have gotten 800 hours’ |  RTL Street

Patti Brad is happy with her sister’s community service: ‘I think she should have gotten 800 hours’ | RTL Street

Patty Brad, 69, responded candidly to the conviction of her sister, who was sentenced to community service for embezzlement. They don’t have a good relationship because of things that happened in the past. “If it had been up to Patty, the punishment would have been much higher,” she told Shownieuws.

“You treated my father very badly.”

Patty and her sister have been involved in a feud for years. According to Patty, she was kept away from her parents because of her sister. Their father was ill and their mother suffered from dementia. The way Patty’s sister acted caused a major family rift.

Additionally, Patty’s sister convinced her family that Patty had stolen money from her parents. Patty helped her parents and her husband, Antoine, buy an apartment. Her parents couldn’t get a mortgage for that house themselves, because they had two other houses that had to be sold first. So Patty decided to transfer the money to their account so her parents could get the mortgage.

After purchasing the apartment, Patty transferred the money to her own account. Then her sister accused her of stealing a few hundred thousand euros. Her parents, no longer able to think clearly due to their illness, eventually agreed.

Even Patty’s daughter believed for a long time that her mother was a thief. Partly due to Patty’s sister, they had not seen or spoken to each other for eleven years.

Patty says her sister’s conviction feels like justice. Her sister was convicted of embezzlement and sentenced to 80 hours of community service. Patty actually thinks the punishment is too low. “I think she should have gotten 800 hours because she treated my father so badly. Plus, it really broke up our family. I didn’t see my daughter for ten years because of that,” Patty said. View news.

Now Patty believes it’s time to close the chapter. She never wants to talk about it again.

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When she was a guest on Arran’s tour, Patty happily talked endlessly about anything and everything. View photos below.

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