Panasonic's new OLED and LCD TVs: Better gaming panels and features

Panasonic’s new OLED and LCD TVs: Better gaming panels and features

Panasonic released its new range of OLED and LCD TVs announce† TVs come in sizes from 42″ to 77″, and contain the latest generation of panels and new gaming features.

The LZ2000 is at the top of the OLEDs. It’s available in 77″, 65″ and 55″ sizes and has a so-called “Master OLED Pro” panel, with higher contrast and higher color reproduction than regular OLED panels. Just below the LZ1500 (42″ to 65″), with the same panel type, except Versions 42″ and 48″. There is also the LZ1000 which uses a non-professional version of the “Master OLED” configuration. The subtle difference between the two There are no two ordinary OLED models: the LZ980 and the LZ800.

For LCD TVs, Panasonic mainly mentions high brightness as an advantage. The LX940 has a “HDR Cinema Display Pro” panel, with local dimming. The 75″, 65″ and 55″ LX800 monitors come in “HDR Cinema Display” format, and the 50″ and 43″ monitors come with the “Bright Panel Plus” display.

Panasonic also thought about gamers: All OLED TVs and LX940 LCD monitors support a variable refresh rate (up to 120 Hz) at 4k resolution. These models are also FreeSync Premium certified. For 60Hz games, there is a “60Hz refresh mode”, which should significantly reduce input lag in these games. In addition, there is a “Game Control Panel” overlay, which displays the number of images per second, among other things.

Prices and results dates are still unknown, but the TVs are at least ready Panasonic website in English


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