Palworld developer responds to declining player numbers

Palworld developer responds to declining player numbers

An employee of Pocket Pair, developer of the hit game Palworld, responded to the fact that player numbers in the game are declining compared to the first weeks. He mentions that it's a good idea for people to play other games while they wait for new content.

Community Manager Bucky said: “It's taken years to get here and Palworld really starts from here. Everyone is working hard to solve these issues and I want to stress that it's okay to take a break from the game. Don't feel bad about it.”

He continues: “Palworld is a game that doesn't have a lot of new content being released weekly. New content is being worked on, and it's going to be great, but it will take some time. There are a lot of great games to play – you don't have to feel guilty to get started on it.”

Palworld was released last month on PC and Xbox and quickly became a huge hit. At the beginning of February, the count reached 19 million players. During its busiest days, the game had a few million concurrent players, but today it attracts about half a million players at its busiest times – and that's still a lot.

“If you're still playing Palworld, we love you,” Bucky concludes, “If you're not playing Palworld anymore, we still love you, and I hope you'll come back for a second round when you're ready. Play lots of games, try different genres, and browse indie bookstores to find gems.” Hidden.

In Palworld, players can collect so-called friends. These creatures help players with farm chores and can serve as protection, but can also be sold. In addition, players explore different dungeons. Buddies can be shot to produce food or materials.

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