Overheated Bicycle Battery Causes Deadly Fire in New York, Killing Two Children | outside

The two children are not the first victims of burning bicycle batteries. This year, the New York Fire Department was called 59 times to a fire caused by an exploding bicycle battery that killed five people.

New York Fire Chief John Hodgins said it took his team just three minutes to get to the house on Monday, but the fire spread so quickly that the kids didn’t stand a chance. The father and three other children managed to reach safety by jumping out of a window. The mother was not home at the time of the fire.

The lithium-ion batteries installed in many electric bicycles can store a lot of energy and have a long service life. But if it overheats, it may catch fire or explode. According to the fire service, the resulting fire is very difficult to extinguish.

“If this had not been a bicycle fire, we would probably have been able to put this fire out without incident. But not in the way these fires were started with an explosion of fire,” he told reporters outside the burning house. We appeal to everyone to be very careful and aware of the danger these devices pose.” .

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