Orcas continue to attack boats off Spain for mysterious reasons | the animals

Orcas with dead salmon on their heads

However, there are stories of other orcas that have shown temporarily irrational behavior. This ranged from holding a dead salmon on their heads to mimicking the sound of sea lions. British orca expert Luke Rendell told the news agency that the attacking boats could be a novelty Reuters.

The attacks are believed to have started after a female orca and a boat collided in May 2020. This experience could have been so traumatic that the animals taught each other to attack smaller vessels. But experts aren’t sure. According to Rendell, it is clear anyway that it is about copying behaviour.

Orcas in Spain are an endangered species. Spanish law requires ships to report any encounter with an orca. But if the attacks continue, it will be difficult to continue to protect them. Rendell asserts that people will have to find a way to live in harmony with animals.

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