OCI fertilizer company expands ammonia plant in Rotterdam port

OCI fertilizer company expands ammonia plant in Rotterdam port

Photo: ANP

Fertilizer company OCI will expand its ammonia terminal in the port of Rotterdam. With this, the company wants to anticipate the greening of the economy. Ammonia can act as a green fuel for shipping. The material can also help store hydrogen.

OCI already has an ammonia storage facility in the port of Rotterdam, which will triple next year when the expansion is complete. OCI wants to move ammonia from its plants in the Middle East, North Africa and the United States to Rotterdam. This relates to the so-called blue-green ammonia. Green ammonia is produced using only renewable electricity, with blue ammonia carbon dioxide emissions are captured during generation.

The ammonia terminal in the Port of Rotterdam will be further expanded in the coming years if it is up to OCI. After the first phase, for which the company is allocating about 19 million euros with its listing on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, it wants to increase its storage capacity. In the years after 2023, this should increase by 2.5 times again to 3 million tons per year. At present, the capacity is still 400,000 tons per year.

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