North Korea sends balloons filled with waste and fertilizer to South Korea

North Korea sends balloons filled with waste and fertilizer to South Korea

North Korea has sent hundreds of balloons containing waste across the border with the South. The South Korean Army General Staff said it had counted about 260 balloons as of Wednesday afternoon (local time), some of which were found hundreds of kilometers south of the demilitarized zone between the two countries.

Underneath the balloons are plastic bags filled with waste, including batteries, empty bottles and even fertilizer. They are also said to have brought leaflets containing North Korean propaganda. Many of the balloons ended up in the border area, but they were also found in the capital, Seoul, and even in the southeastern Gyeongsangnam Province.

lose From a North Korean balloon located on a street in the South Korean capital, Seoul.
South Korean Army General Staff photo via EPA

South Korea’s military leadership described the waste balloons as a violation of international law and urged North Korea to stop its “inhumane and vulgar” activities. In an emergency message, authorities called on the public not to touch the balloons and their payload, but to report any discoveries. He. She Bilingual message This caused confusion and some panic because the English version mentioned “air strikes.”

Bibles and K-Pop

North Korean Deputy Defense Minister Kim Kang Il made this statement a few days ago in a statement distributed by the Korean Central News Agency statement He has already warned that the South will be buried under “waste paper and garbage” until South Koreans can experience “the sheer amount of work it takes to clean up the mess.” The campaign comes in response to similar actions by activists in South Korea – many of them people who fled the North – who have been regularly sending balloons across the border for years. They usually transport leaflets, Bibles, money, radios or USB sticks containing news, South Korean movies, and K-pop music. The Conservative Action Group was launched earlier this month Fighters for a free North Korea According to his own account, twenty other balloons of this type.

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Soldiers collect garbage Which was spread by a North Korean balloon near the town of Pyeongtaek, south of Seoul.
Yonhap/EPA photo

Such activities have been a thorn in the side of not only Pyongyang, but also the government in Seoul for years. It would endanger the population of the border region and hinder diplomatic consultations with the North. In 2020, North Korea cut off all communications with the South due to anger over the balloons. Kim Yo Jong, the influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and known for her insults, He slammed hard He described them as “scum” and “barking migratory dogs.”

A few months later, the South Korean parliament approved a controversial resolution Prevention On balloon promotions. Activists can now receive heavy fines. But South Korea’s Constitutional Court later ruled that the ban was a Unconstitutional violation Concerning freedom of expression.

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