North Korea launches ballistic missiles again |  Currently

North Korea launches ballistic missiles again | Currently

North Korea fired four ballistic missiles toward the Yellow Sea on Saturday near the Korean Peninsula. According to the South Korean military, the missiles traveled 130 kilometers before landing in the sea. North Korea has already launched dozens of missiles this week. According to Pyongyang, this is a response to large-scale exercises by the South Korean and US air forces.

It has been turbulent on the Korean peninsula all week. North Korea fired 23 missiles on Wednesday, one of which landed outside South Korean territorial waters. In response, South Korea fired three anti-aircraft missiles.

North Korea fired more than 80 artillery shells into the maritime buffer zone between North and South Korea on Thursday. On Friday, South Korea sent about 80 fighter jets into the air because 180 North Korean fighter jets were spotted.

South Korea and the United States regard North Korea’s actions as provocations. They also fear that they are a precursor to a possible nuclear test. That is why the countries decided to extend the joint air exercises until Saturday. Preferably this continues until Friday.

The United States is deploying B-1B strategic bombers to the exercises on Saturday. These bombers can cover long distances and are also suitable for nuclear weapons.

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