Noctua will soon release Redux processor cooler at an affordable price – computer – news

Noctua teases the CPU cooler in the Redux series, which will be released soon. A processor cooler will be relatively affordable. The Redux cooler is set to appear in the first quarter of this year, according to Noctua.

Noctoa Reports on Twitter It’s a restored version of your current CPU cooler, which has been “scaled back to basics”. This should make the cooler relatively affordable, compared to other CPU coolers from the manufacturer. The company uses the same strategy in gray Revival fans, Which, according to the manufacturer, are offered at an “accessible price”.

The company is not reporting which CPU cooler will be released in the Redux series, but the cooler in the shared photo shows similarities to the company’s NH-U12. Noctua had already demonstrated a prototype of the Redux coolant during Computex in 2019. It was based on the NH-U12 coolant.

The manufacturer reports that the Redux chiller will be “soon”, but has not mentioned the suggested retail price or exact release date. running From the road map, Van Noktoa It is reported that Redux will be on the market in the first quarter of 2021. However, it is assumed that the coolant will arrive within a month, although the company’s schedule may be subject to change.

There is more coolant on the Noctua Road Map. The company will release passive CPU cooler in the second quarter. FanlessTech reported In December, mass production of this coolant is about to start. Later this year, the company will also come with white fans, a fan hub, a desk fan, and a successor to the NH-D15.

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