No trains from Amsterdam to London for months

No trains from Amsterdam to London for months

From June next year until May 2025 at the latest, there will be no direct train between Amsterdam and London. Eurostar will be discontinued because there is no place for check-in and customs control at Amsterdam Central Station due to renovations. State Secretary Vivian Heijnen (Infrastructure) has informed the House of Representatives.

The London-bound train has only been running since 2020. Heijnen has announced that the connection will be out for a minimum of seven to a maximum of eleven months. If the issues are limited to seven to ten months, passengers can only access the platform via a fixed staircase and not by escalator or elevator. Heijnen writes that she tried to keep the period without trains as short as possible.

The Foreign Secretary laments the negative consequences for travellers, but also her “ambition to replace short journeys with train”, as stated in her letter to Parliament. The problems affect 250 passengers on the train. Four trains leave from Amsterdam every day. It remains to be seen what the consequences will be for passengers departing from Central Rotterdam and from the UK. Driving just between Rotterdam and London may not be profitable for Eurostar. (devotion)

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