No Smoking and No Peeing in the Sea: You Probably Didn't Know These European Beach Rules |  for travel

No Smoking and No Peeing in the Sea: You Probably Didn’t Know These European Beach Rules | for travel

no towels

Many (especially locals) consider the Spiaggia della Pelosa in Sardinia to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The locals want to keep it that way. To prevent mass tourism, visitors now have to pay an entrance fee of three euros. A maximum of 1,500 people are allowed to enjoy the beach per day. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will receive a bracelet as proof that you have paid. Note: You are not allowed to put a towel here to enjoy the sun. That wouldn’t be good for the quality of the sand.

Don’t pee in the sea

A great rule in Vigo (Galicia): urinating in the sea is strictly prohibited. Peeing on the beach is also against the rules. Peepers at the sea and beach can be fined up to 750 euros. The base aims to clean up the beaches of Vigo. By the way, besides urinating, you are also not allowed to defecate in the sea …

Do not smoke

Smoking a cigarette while sitting with your feet on the sand on Barcelona Beach? It is better for you not to do that, because it is forbidden. If you light a cigarette, you risk paying a fine of thirty euros.

Bikinis and soccer shirts

Then there are also a number of tourist resorts where certain dress codes apply. In Sorrento on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, it’s forbidden to wear a swimsuit when you’re not on the beach or poolside. You are also not allowed to walk the streets of Sorrento with a bare-chested waist. It can result in a fine of 500 (!) Euros.

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Also in Mallorca they want tourists to look decent. It’s best to leave football jerseys and clothing bearing the logos of alcoholic brands at home (or in your travel bag). If you wear it, you will not be fined. However, there is a good chance that you will not be welcome in the restaurant.

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