No punishment for the Belgian police commissioner who drove 109 km / h in populated areas |  car

No punishment for the Belgian police commissioner who drove 109 km / h in populated areas | car

Belgian Police Commissioner Eric Naudts (67) appeared last year at a speed of 109 kilometers per hour in built-up areas. To the surprise of many motorists, he was not penalized for this.

“I was going to ask for mitigating circumstances, but the judge beat me to it,” said Police Commissioner Eric Naudes. He didn’t want to tarnish my ‘flawless’ career with one stupidity.

59 kilometers per hour is very fast

It was his teammates, who had been standing in the guard of honor a few hours earlier, who pulled Naudes out of traffic after he drove 59 kilometers at a breakneck speed. “I have had my driver’s license for over 40 years and have done nothing wrong,” said the commissioner. “And I definitely don’t drink, because I’m a teetotaler.”

Tough months

Because it was a serious violation, Naudes had to answer to the police judge. “I wasn’t thinking about it,” he said. Before the judge, he said, “It was an emotional day and on my way back home my career was flashing before my eyes.” He didn’t hesitate and almost immediately gave Naudes the credit for commenting. This means that he is considered guilty, but will not be judged.


Unsurprisingly, questions are being asked about this ruling in Belgium. After all: Everyone has an emotional day sometimes, but the judge usually has less understanding of this than with ordinary citizens. Especially since this is a crime, not simple stupidity. And that’s while Belgium’s Justice Minister Vincent van Quickenborn recently argued for zero tolerance for speeding offences.

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