NO MORE STANDARD LAB RESEARCH: It’s best not to do these procedures for GPs

The guidelines are not intended to raise the threshold for a GP visit, says Burgers. “But if your doctor explains very well why you don’t need medication or follow-up tests for something, you are less likely to order it again in the future.” Burger is not afraid that the doctor-patient relationship of trust will change as a result. “The doctor-patient bond is critical. We don’t want to fall back on our side either. But we want to avoid offering a standard check-up for reassurance.”

In de Volkskrant, GP Toosje Valkenburg, who was not involved in the research, says the photo or laboratory research can also help prevent irrational care. “Overall, I think this is a well-running list, but I miss the argument that you sometimes use the diagnosis to prevent further treatment from an expensive medical professional.” Don’t always shy away from the talk, says Valkenburg. “Sometimes I say, OK, I’ve got the picture, but if it really shows there’s nothing wrong, we move on.”

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The “best don’t” list appears to fit in with the vision for the future of the coalition agreement, which states that the health care system is in dire need of reform. For example, the government wants to prevent overtreatment (if the treatment is no longer beneficial to the patient) and to pay more attention to prevention rather than treatment. As well as the Institute of Health Care Launched in May A campaign in which “appropriate care” was central.

According to the institute, health care is at risk of becoming too expensive in the coming years and an internal collapse in terms of employment levels.

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You can see how fast spending has increased in recent years here:

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