No more spending the night at the Clean America car park in Gouda

No more spending the night at the Clean America car park in Gouda

On the edge of Ghouta's city center, campers no longer have to spend the night in the often-busy Klein America. Local entrepreneurs have now developed 4 camper sites outside Gouda with a total of 120 spaces. These are located on the Haastrecht in the middle of the quiet Groen Hart and have access towards Otwater and Meiji, and can be expanded to 150 camper spaces.

This means Gouda City Council can remove 29 overnight accommodation places for campers. It will happen 1 November From this year. This creates space for more than 100 additional parking spaces at Clean America itself without expanding the site. With these additional parking options for residents and visitors, the municipality is also responding to making the city center partially car-free in the future (while implementing the City Center District mobility plan).

Campers are welcome

Campers are welcome in Gouda and Clean America (provided they fit within the 5 x 2.5 meter parking spaces). Larger campers can stay at Groenheuvel. There are 2 bus stops with direct connections to the city center near the parking lot on the edge of Kronhoven Park. Also, campers often have their own bicycles. Each sample 1 November At Klein America, campers cannot spend the night in Kronheuvel.

The Dutch Camper Car Club (NKC) understands the municipality's decision and will update its website with information about Gouda from 2025. The municipality will actively inform campers of changes and alternative parking and overnight stay options.

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