NFL discusses national coach

NFL discusses national coach

Greg Berhalter’s future as coach of the United States National Soccer Team is highly uncertain. The US Soccer Federation is investigating the course of its work during the World Cup in Qatar, where the Orange team eliminated the United States in the eighth finals. Berhalter, whose contract expired Dec. 31, also admitted this week to assaulting his current wife in 1991.

In any case, the former PEC player Zwolle will not be in attendance when Team USA holds its first training camp since the World Cup in Qatar later this month. Assistant coach Anthony Hudson takes over.

Around Berhalter (49), the necessary fuss arose after he cited some examples of a player’s bad behavior during a seminar on ethical leadership, without mentioning his name. It later turned out that it was Giovanni Reyna, who would have been angry at his lack of playing time. The 20-year-old Borussia Dortmund player later apologized to his fellow internationals via the media for his “lack of effort”.

The story got a bizarre sequel on Tuesday when NFL announced Berhalter had been blackmailed during the World Cup and the coach himself came up with a story that it was an incident from 1991. Berhalter admitted that that year he introduced then-girlfriend and kicked current wife Rosalind. According to ESPN Sports, former international Claudio Reina is behind the extortion, possibly out of dissatisfaction with his son’s treatment.

Source: National Ports Agency

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