New Solo Sports Team - "R Entertainment"

New Solo Sports Team – “R Entertainment”

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There Team Sports is finally back. The hexagram of London swirled with unbridled energy across concert halls and festival lawns in 2019 and became a veritable buzz at home and abroad. In 2020, it’s time to assert themselves and they did it with a beautiful debut album deep down happy. In a neck-and-neck race with Lady Gaga for number one on the UK album charts, they narrowly gave up the American world star, but Sports Team took it with just as much humor as we’re used to. Anyway, on July 22, they will make another attempt at first place with their new record He flies!. If we believe the first single “R Entertainment”, it could be a direct hit.

The sports team rattles and hits on “R Entertainment,” but we also hear the band exploring other places in their new song. The whole sound is a little tighter and a bit more subtle than the first material, especially the darker tones that stand out in R Entertainment’s hardware. Fortunately, front singer Alex Rice is there to smooth things out with his unflattering, nonchalant style of singing. With the song from the band by the way (with a wink of course) their dissatisfaction with the unhealthy amount of time people spend each day browsing social media filled with empty ads and meaningless posts. The overall picture anyway is true on “R Entertainment” and we’re already looking forward to those other 9 songs He flies!

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